Through our classes carefully designed for your needs, we ensure that you:

  • Build a strong foundation and consistent practice in yoga / mindfulness
  • Are aware of the philosophical and scientific basis underlying yoga / mindfulness practice
  • Build a robust practice based on your experiential findings
  • Provide equal importance to overall – mental, emotional and physical well-being
  • Reap the benefits of yoga and mindfulness practice spreading into routine activities

At Mindful Yogis we offer mindful yoga - a blend of asanas and mindfulness techniques.

In the first instance this style of yoga and mindfulness invites us to occupy our body enabling us to listen closely and feel connected with our body, an innate ability we tend to lose over time. As the practice grows deeper, we become aware of our mind’s nature, encouraging us to control and harmonise our thoughts and actions.

Practising yoga or mindfulness in its true spirit would positively impact the way we breathe, our posture at all times, eating habits, manner of interacting with family members, friends and colleagues, our response to a challenging situation to name a few.

In a nut shell, it would reset our approach to life, unshackle us from regressive thought patterns, unlock our true potential and equip us to face the uncertainties in life with strength and equanimity. In the long run, it would open the doors and guide us towards an inward journey eventually bringing us in touch with our true nature.