Why Early mornings are the best time to practice asanas (yoga postures)?

Many commentaries on yoga and asanas (yoga postures) maintain that any time of the day is good for practice of asanas as long as there is sufficient gap between the previous meal and practice. This is true and with our busy lifestyles it is very difficult to fit in yoga in our schedule without this liberty.
However it is important to note some important benefits of practicing (asanas) early in the morning. The two hours before and including the sunrise is the most conducive time for practicing asanas. In Sanskrit this period of the day is referred to as ‘brahmamuhurta’. Following are the benefits of practicing asanas during brahmamuhurta:

  1. The activities of the stomach and intestines are minimal. Massaging the internal organs through performing asanas increases the blood flow and nourishes them.
  2. The atmosphere is pure and mind is relatively quiet and has no deep impressions on the conscious level. It is easier to focus our awareness while performing asanas. This drastically improves the quality of yoga experience.
  3. The muscles are stiff and most people experience lethargy (Tamas) at this time of the day. Practicing asanas energizes the body deeply preparing you for an active day ahead. This helps you retain your energy while being calm and composed throughout the day.

Staying true to this tradition and in an attempt to encourage participants to experience the benefits of practicing in the morning, Mindful Yogis is commencing classes at 7am in North Amsterdam from last week of February 2017. For more details, please click on the events below.