Making space for yoga and mindfulness in the corporate sphere

What began as a trend is now here to stay

Over the past decade several large corporations across the world have whole heartedly embraced the benefits of the practicing yoga, mindfulness and similar onsite employee’s wellness programs designed for a professional environment. Prominent organizations leading the way in this initiative are Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Intel, Atena, General Mills, Goldman Sachs to name a few.
They have setup elaborate In-house programs to initiate and nurture the practice of yoga and mindfulness among their employees. Some of these organizations have also devised scientific methods to evaluate the effects of practicing yoga and mindfulness on their employees. This has provided a much needed statistical data to substantiate the benefits of these practices.
Measures such as onsite employee’s wellness programs to improve the overall physical, mental and emotional well-being of the employees provides a great opportunity for the organizations to the show there support to their employees. In turn these measures equip the employees to contribute at the highest level of capabilities (improved focus, clarity, creativity) while taking good care of their well-being and paves way for the organization as a whole to function as a cohesive unit by improving inter personal dynamics between colleagues.



Corporate onsite wellness program offered by MINDFUL Yogis is designed to suit the requirements of the organization and some of the broad outcomes of the program are:


We strive to bring the benefits of practicing yoga and mindfulness to as many organizations as possible in the Netherlands. We design programs and cater to the needs of all organizations irrespective of the size of the organization, nature of the business (creative, technology, professionals, manual work). Do write to us to arrange for a free introductory session for your employees: