Transform your approach to well-being with personalized Yoga therapy

Welcome to a journey dedicated to your wellness and healing. Each individual is unique. Health complications that we develop are intricately connected with our state of mind, lifestyle and personality traits. A comprehensive solution based in Yoga Therapy takes into account all these aspects to set a course for healing.

We offer

Personalized approach

Experience 1-on-1 yoga therapy sessions designed to meet your unique needs and requirements.

Research based

Our Yoga Therapy protocols blend tradition with scientific validation, ensuring effective and proven techniques.

Focused healing

Dive deep into targeted areas such as stress management, anxiety reduction, burnout symptoms, mood fluctuations, addiction recovery, weight management, better sleep, pain relief, etc.

Personal attention

Master practice of Yoga Therapy techniques with individualized guidance, ensuring maximum benefit from your practice.

Continued support

Upon program completion, access regular live online sessions to sustain your progress.

Join our community

Like-minded individuals come together to share experiences and ideas, fostering ongoing growth and support.

Ready to begin your healing journey?


Unlike regular yoga classes, Yoga Therapy is a personalized approach to address client’s health concerns and  specific goals with various yoga exercises. These sessions focus on complimenting ongoing recovery from heath conditions.

The personalized attention and tailored practices aim to understand client’s physical and mental qualities, identify root causes underlying the imbalance and formulate a comprehensive approach to address health concerns. We provide consistent support and help you build a sustainable practice designed to heal.

Each session is personalized based on your concerns, health condition, and goals. Expect a blend of yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, advanced therapeutic yoga techniques, yoga philosophy,  yogic counselling etc. curated to support your healing and well-being journey.

No prior experience in yoga is necessary. Sessions are designed to accommodate individuals at all levels, including beginners. We will appropriately modify, use props and adapt practices to suit your comfort and abilities.

Absolutely. In Yoga Therapy appropriate modifications to regular exercises will be provided. Along with that suitable props will be used to enable the participant to successfully pursue their practice. Irrespective of the nature of the limitation, sessions will be designed to suit the abilities of the participant.

Not required to stop ongoing treatment . Yoga Therapy will complement the ongoing treatment and is meant to increase the efficacy of such treatment. Any decision regarding alteration of medication or treatment must only be undertaken in consultation with your physician.

The number of sessions required varies based on client’s needs and goals. Generally a 8 week consistent practice comprising of 1 on 1 sessions once per week along with practice at home is recommended to see meaningful results.

To schedule a session or inquire further, book consultation here.

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