Building Stronger Teams, One Breath at a Time.

Welfare of employees has emerged as a top priority for forward-thinking businesses. These businesses recognize that stress, sedentary lifestyle, and mental strain are an  intricate part of work environment. To promote employee health, happiness, and productivity, many firms are engaging mind-body therapies such as Yoga Therapy.

Our approach: Prevention is better than cure

Yoga therapy has consistently proven to be a superior preventative tool. We capitalize on this attribute to equip your employees with the necessary tools to minimize the risk of developing any health issues rooted in improper management of stress, or sedentary lifestyle. Further, our programs focus on promoting positive health and well-being resulting in a vibrant work culture. 

We specialize in catering to unique needs of businesses and offer tailored Yoga Therapy programs. Our strategy is to design sessions/workshops meant to address typical challenges faced by employees in demanding jobs. 

Advantages of introducing Yoga Therapy at workplace

Stress management

Not being able to managing stress appropriately is at the root of developing health issues. Our Yoga Therapy programs are designed to equip the participants with stress-response strategies that reduce its impact on the wellbeing of the participants and give them tools to thrive.

Prevention tool

Research has confirmed the efficacy of Yoga Therapy in preventing various conditions originating from improper management of stress such as – burnout, anxiety, mood disorders, sleep disorders, musculo-skeletal issues to name a few.

Improved Mental Clarity

Research shows that Yoga promotes concentration and mental clarity. Sustained practice results in experience of better focus, creativity, and decision-making abilities.

Greater Emotional Well-being

Yoga encourages emotional harmony, self-awareness, and a cheerful outlook, which fosters a more favorable work environment.

Team Building and Morale

Group yoga classes give employees a chance to get to know one another outside of their typical work activities, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie. This in turn can improve teamwork and raise morale.

Better work life balance

It encourages employees to take breaks, relax, and recharge during work hours resulting in improved productivity. It also establishes a positive work culture centered around health and well-being.

We Offer

On-site Yoga Sessions

Regular Yoga Therapy classes are inclusive and open for all practitioners, from novices to experts.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops on specific topics- stress management, improving sleep quality and positive health etc.

Customized Programs

We collaborate closely with you to create programs that reflect your business culture, employee preferences, and wellness objectives.

Ready to improve the well-being of your colleagues?


Yoga Therapy based wellness programs empower employees to make healthier choices and maintain work-life balance. These programs offer cost-effective, forward-thinking solutions for companies aiming to curtail health-related expenses, boost productivity, and reduce employee turnover rates.

Implementing a work culture that promotes healthier lifestyle choices heightens employees’ awareness of their habits, such as those related to sleep, nutrition, and exercise. These habits can significantly impact mood, happiness, attitudes, and workplace behaviors. Content and satisfied employees tend to be more productive, engaged, take fewer sick days or consider leaving their jobs.

Mindful Yogis offers tailored wellness programs that can meet the specific needs of your organization – whether you’re a startup or a large corporation. By understanding the needs, desires, and interests of your colleagues, Mindful Yogis collaborates with you to determine the most suitable program, timing and frequency of sessions, all within your budget.

Absolutely. We can design programs for specific needs of your colleagues. For example – stress management, sleep improvement, burnout prevention or recovery, posture improvement, flexibility improvement, positive health etc.

Sessions at the organization’s location can be scheduled at various times – before work, during lunch, late afternoon, or after work. Duration of regular sessions last between 60 to 90 minutes. while workshops last between 90 to 120 minutes.

It depends on the number of participants. Suitable locations for on-site sessions and workshops include reasonably large conference rooms, lunchrooms, office lobbies, or rooftops / outdoor spaces (weather permitting).

Benefits of a wellness program based in Yoga Therapy is cumulative over time. An occasional visit to the gym does not result in great physique. It requires consistency. Similarly, establishing a balance in body and mind, work and life, cultivating life affirming habit takes sustained practice. Lasting change is gradual but frequency and consistency will reward those who participate.  

These programs are suitable for all levels. No prior experience in Yoga is required.

For most programs, it is recommended to bring a yoga mat, wear comfortable clothing, and have a water bottle on hand. Providing for bolsters, cushions and other Yoga props will be an added bonus.

Offering Yoga Therapy based wellness programs is a significant step towards enhancing employee health and wellbeing. These suggestions may further inspire them:

  • Motivate individuals to participate by promoting the sessions, sending reminders, and ensuring participation of leaders as often as possible.
  • Enhance the experience by providing yoga mats and props. Healthy refreshments at the end of the session adds special touch.
  • Promote participation through contests or incentives, encouraging employees to complete a specified number of sessions
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